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Nearest  travel links: Airport                35 km Bus station         200 m Taxi station         200 m Sea                    30 m information Location Sidari is situated on the northwestern part of the island of Corfu.  At just 45 minutes away from Corfu town, Sidari is easily approached by coach or taxi as there are stations for both. In Sidari you’ll find a variety of beaches. Firstly, there’s the one by the harbour where you can kick back and relax at the sun beds or for the more adventurous types try out water sports. Secondly, there’s the middle beach known as “Megali”, where Perros apartments are situated, it’s a huge long sandy beach. Sun beds are available at “Megali” as well.  Lastly, one of Sidari’s trademarks, ‘Canal D’amour” which in French means the canal of love.  There you can enjoy the scenery of cliffs and rock formations that have been caused by wind erosion. While staying at Sidari you can easily travel around other picturesque villages like Peroulades which is situated within walking distance from Sidari, San Stefanos, Roda, Acharavi e.g.  Another excursion that one can take from Sidari is to Diapontia Islands of Mathraki, Othoni and Ericousa which are around 7 miles from the mainland. . 
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